Chapter 156 – Reputation

Chapter 156 – Reputation

"But I like it." She continued again. She waved her hand for Sia to come closer. She walked towards the glittering throne, and many humans seemed to worship around her.

They are crazy about their position and presence. That feels like dominating every place they pass. But she didn't look like those who would hate Alex and being with him.

Mala is quite difficult to get into the socialite association of Korean guests, and it has destroyed her reputation since the attack occurred. So she only served to attract the male side.

"You shouldn't put too much pressure on her because this girl only wants to see me this once." Said, queen Indri. Finally, the crowd that had been slightly scaly for a while finally fell silent. Sia stepped up to sit with him, but she said nothing to him.

The people there were waiting for what words would make Queen Indri willing to dare to pass her throne ladder. Seeing the innocent yet brave girl, she also l
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