Chapter 174 - Zodiac Caverns

Chapter 174 - Zodiac Caverns

After removing the flames shrouding his weapon, Alex pulled him back into the game system just as the child's magic was taken aback by the show before his eyes. Alex's final task is to put the offspring back together so they can be with him.

He looked for Alex in a whisper, "Hey, is it okay for us to do this them?"

"Don't worry, they're just two innocent and adorable kids," Alex replied. He began to grope his body and look for anything that might be a clue. Not only that, he tried to remember how Kitsune got rid of his cloning while attempting to trick Emperor Liem.

Alex told the clone to stand there while he moved slightly away from his current position, then ran at high speed and slammed himself into the clone. Not the expected result, but the bumps and headaches that are felt.

Even the artificial pain made Alex dizzy twice as much as before. They simultaneously stroked the bones that were hit hard.

"Ouch ….' they b
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