Chapter 185 - Parting ways at the crossroads

Chapter 185 - Parting ways at the crossroads

"What did you do to get gold coins, anyway?" Ask Mala. Alex's voice choked because he felt it was not a job he could say just to play.

"They asked me to help look after Krisna and the other children while herding the cows," Alex replied. They looked surprised after listening to Alex's answer while looking at the curious faces.

"What do you mean, like being a governess?" Mala asked to make sure. Their eyes turned to Mala this time, wanting to hear what a governess was. Raising and caring for children is a job that is usually used by the rich, and they leave their children with a guard.

With the payment and wages agreed upon, those who do such work are required to educate the children entrusted.

"But master Dammam didn't tell me to do that." Alex refuted Mala's statement.

"It doesn't matter as long as they decide to do whatever it takes," Mala said.

"By the way, how much did you get paid to look after thei
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