Chapter 203 - The tremendous pressure

Chapter 203 - The tremendous pressure

“Since when did Dwarka apply unregistered taxes?” Mala asked impatiently. Alex approached them and took over the debate. It turned out that people who were not much different from the ones he met made Alex a little annoyed.

“What is this, uncle Chandra?” Karta said. For a moment, the expressions on the faces of the people there froze. Finding the two children from Dammam around Alex, who was on the same side, the footsteps gradually retreated backward.

Mala and the girls explained the people were forbidding them to stay at the place, even though before setting up the tent, both Mala and Alex had surveyed that it was a route people rarely passed to prepare for the festival.

Then the people immediately stopped, and Mala was required to pay a sum if they continued. Even though it wasn’t much, it sounded far-fetched since she had mastered the casinos

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