Chapter 208 - The Uruk City

Chapter 208 - The Uruk City

"Welcome, time travelers." This was the first time Alex felt the person was aware of their existence, but he tried not to appear eye-catching because there might be a time traveler among the people.

It turned out that Alex was not the only man there. There were several people from various places who enjoyed the event.

"Sorry if any of you have to sleep in the basement because I don't want to smell the scent of other men polluting my palace." King Gilgamesh said the men beside Alex laughed at his words, but not with Alex because there was nothing funny and worth laughing at.

King Gilgamesh smiled, seeing Alex's expression like that. Moreover, his eyes never left Mala and Sia, who was sitting right beside the king. He wanted to take advantage of the opportunity without Alex knowing and tried to do it quietly.

A magician entered the palace carrying a scroll and gave it to King Gilgamesh directly, then said goodbye to leave the place.
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