Chapter 227 - Breeze

Chapter 227 - Breeze

Grilled bacon and two fried eggs for breakfast are fun to eat on a sudden morning that requires a light helper activity. He asks where Kitsune is at the moment. Alex reasons she is asleep but doesn't say she is in his room.

He gave a business card to make it easier for Alex to call his name later, it said the name L, and there was only one letter. Does he ask if it is okay to call someone like that?

'Like my secret agent,' Alex thought. After breakfast, L opens the kitchen door and props Alex into another room while, on the way, Kitsune intercepts Alex and L about to come with them. L slightly objected to the girl's request. As he said, Kitsune was almost absorbed by Alex's emotions and stifled by Alex.

"From now on, she is the maid in charge of looking after me," said Alex. Kitsune didn't accept Alex's words glaring as if to pounce on him. Alex pulled Kitsune's hand so they wouldn't be far from each other.

"Ah, are you two lovers?" L as
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