Chapter 240 - The excitedly

Chapter 240 - The excitedly

"Alright." One word from the answer can affect differently. Alex did not expect the demon to do something that had nothing to do with him, while Scout was so happy after hearing her answer and hugged his wife.

This time he felt that Mary would have a friend to tread on a mountain of grapes that had just entered the harvest season. Scout immediately invites Kitsune and Alex to get to work without waiting for much time to be wasted.

The family seemed so enthusiastic about finding out that there would be someone to help with their work for the next few days. Scout ran behind the house. Instead, he went to the barn as the Sage said about his father.

He was picking up another barrel like his wife used to squeeze out the grape juice, and the Sage was putting the fruit they had packed into it. Mary helped Kitsune to tidy up her lower clothes to make them easier to walk on.

"Yes, it is! Smooth thighs and calves will make sure your wine wi
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