Chapter 258 - The commemorate

Chapter 258 - The commemorate

"Thank you for your generosity, sir, but we may not eat with strangers." Said one of the children, venturing forward to refuse Alex's invitation. He guarantees that the food brought does not contain harmful substances.

He only ate with them because no one wanted to accompany him to lunch. Alex said the pieces of bread had just been bought from the best shop in Uruk. A basket of warm food left the smoke still billowing, and the smell of cinnamon and brown sugar pierced the nose.

The kids liked that sort of thing, and the girls because no one dared approach Alex to accompany him to a meal. He ate around them while watching the children continue the game.

At first, they were hesitant, but after finding Alex sitting and eating the loaves of bread, he tried to tempt the kids when confronted with the sesame seeds that were still oozing oil. Sesame seeds are an excellent item for people like them to enjoy.

Only people with a lot of mon
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