Chapter 304 - The fruit rotten

Chapter 304 - The fruit rotten  

Whereas if they feel the sensation of the softness of the plant flesh when it is cooked and mixed with several other ingredients, it will create a sweet and flavorful dessert. It's been a long time since Mala had interpreted the fruit or vegetable, and she left them. Seeing her strange behaviour, Alex was surprised by Mala's movements.

"Where are you going?" Alex also stood up after Mala.

"I want to pick some vegetables," Mala said enthusiastically. Sia was also curious about what Mala was doing and followed behind her. She didn't want to miss anything because what Mala found was usually so interesting.

Mala entered the vines that were so wide, and she never imagined seeing such a large expanse of pumpkins, not only that the fruits were very numerous and ready to be harvested. One by one, Mala and Sia picked the pumpkins and found some fruit rotten by insects and other animals.

When the sun was out of sight, Sia fell int
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