Chapter 309 - The predicted

Chapter 309 - The predicted  

Alex heard the friction for the first time and noticed a magic stone around his waist. He still believed it, waiting for the right opportunity to attack him. He didn't want to stand out in his first fight because it was so easy to beat. Alex predicted when to stop the match, but his opponent was getting uncomfortable because he always dodged the attack. 

Alex felt a considerable amount of magic pressure from the attack of his hand trying to pierce Alex's body. While looking for an opening, the man said inappropriate things to test and caused his emotions to explode.

"You think I'd be provoked by something like that?" asked Alex.

"From your voice, you're still a kid who just joined here." The man said it was the first time he had seen Alex and his strange clothes while having taken part in such matches many times before. Alex's accent and demeanour look different, and he is from a resident outside Devaloka.

Alex almost
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