Wait what happened..?

After the sun rays fall on the eggs, the eggs started to hatching. They are all surprised , they don't know what was going on. Finally the eggs hatched and five beautiful, cute baby dragons came out. It is most beautiful scene ever.  

They grew up very fast. They are bigger than all dragons in the kingdom. They trained the dragons very well. The dragons love their owners very much. They think they are their family. They all together enjoy a lot. 

They all roamed in sky & they love it.

All are happy in the world. But suddenly there is a big problem started at the 'BADLANDS'. 

It is a place where the cruel dragons dynasty lives. The place is very far from the Dragons kingdom. 

The cruel dragons have a bloody dragons king. It's name is LIINO. They all are hungry. As similarly they don't eat grass and leaves as all dragons. They only eat meat . 

So one day they planned to attack on villages and eat animals, humans and dragons. 

As their planned, the attacked a village near the Dragon kingdom. They ate all the living things in that village. And they fired up the place. They made the village into ashes. 

The news spread to the king. All the people are scared. So they went to the king. They begged the king for help. They said that, 'The bloody dragons are destroying all the crops and villages. so please help us, they will eat us also. please kill them'. The Lord Kindlo felt sad . 

He can't do anything because he was aged. Then he decided to send the sons for kill them.... 


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