El Ramon was seen pacing up and down. The humiliation of today's confrontation had been nothing but a show of his weakness. Since childhood, El Capone whom he refused to accept as his elder had proved to be better than him in everything. Starting from childbirth when he had been the one to be removed first from their mother's womb, he had surpassed him in every competition and condition.

Of course, El Rapon could vividly remember how he had been subjected to humiliation and shame the day he was beaten flawlessly by his twin brother.

It was the yearly competition, the one that change everything. He was only eight years old and had qualified along with his twin brother in the yearly teen strongest upcoming Mafia and had fought bravery until finally when he has to confront his brother to win the gold.

It was a moment he will never forget and for a brief moment, El Rapon is eight years old.

"Remember the rules, the fair-man announced." He is the one to determine the outcome of the most meritorious competition on Greenwich Island.

" Number one, hitting after I have blown a whistle will reduce your mark by 5 points. Number two, hitting on the upper side of the body above the belt is twenty points while below the belt is fifty points. Number three, whoever stepped out of the ring will be losing ten points from his accumulated points, and last but not the least, any struck that drew blood will be awarded an additional fifty points. Remember, here is the death arena and the youngest mafia of the year will be declared between the two of you." The man paused, clean the sweat gathering on his face, then resumed his speech. "The result will be based on your strength and the ability to endure, as well as your bravery as you will be required to fight each other in fair weaponless combat. To die proving your worth is better than to be alive worthless." The fair-man said.

He asked if the two contestants are ready and blow the whistle to start when he received an affirmative that they are.

The two fighters circle within the big circle drawn on the ground. El Rapon was the first to attack, he raised his left leg, targeting El Capon's neck, with the hope of knocking him down with force from his front kick, but El Capone weaved it, jumped, and turn mid-air, his right leg shot out and struck El Rapon in the chest, the force throwing him off balance and he fell and landed on the sand.

Loud noise immediately engulfed the arena as the spectators shouted in jubilation.

El Rapon stood from the floor, and dust the dirt off his clothes.

El Capone who seemed to be enjoying the fight now lunged toward El Ramon, his right palm folded to form a first, landed on El Ramon's stomach, while the left blocked the punch El Ramon threw to retaliate.

El Ramon landed on his knee, and immediately plummeted towards El Capon, holding him on his two legs and unbalancing him to fall to the ground. He immediately jumped on him sending blows after blows on El Capone who laid flat on his back on the floor, doing all he can to block the descending blows on his face.

With two fingers pointed forward, El Rapon target El Capone's eye, his fingers moved extensively to blind the unsuspecting fighter on the floor whom he had pinned with his two legs and weight. But El Capone had seen this coming and with his palm wide, he covered his eyes, and throw a punch into El Rapon's nose, blood sputtering out.

El Capon raised his two legs, lunged it forwards, and tied around El Rapon who is sitting on him, with all his might, he threw his assailant off his stomach into the floor out of the ring.

The whistle was blown by the Fairman amidst deafening noise. The first round had finished and the spectators went wild, celebrating amazing skills and bravery.

At the end of the three rounds, El Capon was declared the winner and a gold medallion was given to him as his prize. A priceless treasure that he still wears today.

Priest strolled quickly towards his destination. A lot has happened in a few hours and he marvels at his ingenuity, without this, the Country P merchants would have been on their way, shamed and robbed by the cunning mafia king.

The priest is a young man of forty, six feet tall, and possessed the physique of an athlete. His golden hair was tied in a ponytail and his two blue eyes glittered from expectations. He has a small nose with big lips and a golden beard. The priest is the leader of the merchants who trade in Romero. Cunning and ambitious, he'd dream of milking the island dry and reaped a hundredfold.

Ten years ago, he along with his crew had landed on this land. They were welcomed by the mafia king and business quickly flourish between the two parties. The Greenwich inhabitants planted the opium while the Country P merchants bought it from them and shipped it out to be sold in another place. It was a perfect agreement, except the planters are making more profit as the mafia king was the one who regulated the price and the output.

The merchants seemed to be working for peanut while the king pile all the profit in his royal store.

Desperation had made the Country P merchants go into planting, and all efforts to get the approval of the mafia king proved abortive.

Only for a decree to be passed by him. 'All Portuguese is to vacate the land for a year.'

What a joke.

The priest emerged in a big conference hall, where twelve men were already sitting, facing each other in a roll. He walked towards his seat at the edge of the table, facing the whole members.

"A lot has happened since we last met here yesterday. Let's say the mafia king is out of the way as am sure you are all aware. We are now left with only one problem. El Capone."

A man known as Haggard raised his hand and spoke. "El Rapon will get rid of El Capon for us. We just need to support him with anything he may need."

"Yes I'm aware of this fact but underestimating El Capon will be disastrous, I want to get in contact with El Ramon as soon as possible. We need to clear everything now when we have the chance" the priest concluded.

A man on the seat facing the man named Haggard raised his right hand and spoke. "I suggest we try and talk to El Capon first. I think he may reason with us and there won't be any need for all this."

"No Andrew, El Capon is just as obstinate as his father. Besides, we only need either of them and El Ramon had been apathetic towards us since the beginning. " Priest replied. " We will meet here tomorrow same time, and I congratulate you all, once again for the death of our greatest adversary.'

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