El Ramon was informed of his brother's death by the man he sent out, and the excited prince, quickly make a call to inform the country P merchants of the news.

"My brother had an accident yesterday, and it's quite unfortunate that he died before help arrived," El Ramon gloated over the line.

"Ahh, this is good news, I hope his death will have no negative impact on your name?"

"Of course not, it was a catastrophe and it can happen to anyone. I have spies listening to people's opinions, and I was informed it was ruled as an accident."

"In that case, congratulations my king," the voice on the other side announced.

"Now that my brother is out of the way, I want us to meet and discussed the expansion of farms and factories to meet your demands."

"Yes, we begged you to leave planting of opium to us, and fixed percentages of the profit that will be sent into the royal treasury."

"Will that fetch me more money?"

"Yes, you can even buy shares with us, and we will trade with your money a
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