The spectators inside El Ramon's palace, the following morning can be described in only one word.


The hall was filled to the brim, and only those who were of noble birth were seen on chairs, while the majority of the spectators stood and gaped at the beautiful woman with an enthralling voice, as she sing the fable of the elephant that desire royalty and the cunning tortoise.

Sometimes ago, the land of animals was plagued with wars and famine, and the two tusks of an elephant are needed for a sacrifice.

Because the elephant is living far away in another land, an emissary is needed to trick one of the elephants into the midst of the other animals, who will be laying in ambush.

After long deliration, a tortoise was chosen to carry out this assignment.

This chosen tortoise thought for a while, then decided on a course of action.

It prepared a lot of sweet cake, then a drum, and walked for days, in search of the elephant's territory.

Luckily, a lone elephant was seen eati
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