An unrighteous man will run when no one pursued him, but a truthful man will be as bold as a lion.

The shivering woman was seen emerging inside El Ramon's palace, walked towards his main parlour, and was asked to join El Ramon immediately.

The inside of the palace was filled with innumerable treasures, arts, and sculptures. And the woman peeked around with awe.

"I want to know the woman he is meeting."

El Ramon's voice jolted the woman back to reality, and she quickly stepped towards the mafia prince as the man in his front walked out.

Dressed in White and matching suede, the man in her front looked more like a movie star than a prince to the throne of the largest island in Asia.

"Good morning, your highness," the aged woman bowed, and let out.

"Please sit down, and tell me what I should offer you."

Contrary to the woman's expectations, the voice that addressed her was friendly and the smile on the prince's face was welcoming. So she smiled back and mumbled.

"Thank you, but no
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