Two ladies that were previously seen with El Ramon walked rapidly towards the bank of a large blue sea.

Far off, the sound of a white speedboat lured the ladies closer, and they walked fastly and arrived at the source of the noise.

"Have been here for hours, why did you come so late?" The man at the wheel cried out, as soon as the ladies came at earshots.

"It's a long story, we will narrate it to you along the way."

The two ladies leaped into the boat, and the engine boomed louder and sail out of sight.

"What happened over there that delay you so long?"

"You won't believe what we experience-"

"You should be grateful for seeing us alive."

"Let me narrate it to him."

"Please go ahead."

"We were inside El Ramon's Jacuzzi when two mean-looking men with barrel chests walked inside-"

"We were drinking champagne, and it was the third in a row."

"Yes, we were drinking champagne, and having fun inside prince El Rapon's jacuzzi, when two men walked in, then ordered us to step outside-"

"You for
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