Except for ants, humans are the only animals that think of their past, work for their presence, and save for their future. And it was this unique ability that differentiate us from our other closet brothers.

Yet, it's the abuse of this ability that seemed to be threatening our well-being.

Because our desire is huge and our wants are unlimited, we allow our ambition to get the best of us, damned all consequences, and embarked on a mission that is destroying ourselves and our home.

We will always remain a slave to our desire!

One of the greatest errors that I have seen among humanity, is our classification of success based on material possession. The more you have, the more the world will worship and respect you. And this is the reason for the get-rich syndrome that had thrown the whole world into turmoil.

Terrorism, War, robbery, murder, and every form of evil in the world today are a result of someone's desire for more power and money. And the world is dying to feed some people's
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