The cloud soon chased the twilight away, and another torrent of water fell from the sky.

Though rain poured in volume, and the men were all dripping from head to feet with water. Yet, they stepped noiselessly for a while, arrived at a bridge, then halted and whispered among themselves.

"Ten men should hide along this way, while the rest should follow me to the other side of the bridge," the man in the front, who was their leader, announced in a whisper.

"Please tell me the plan one more time," a voice belonging to a young man let out.

"You are too dull, how many times am I supposed to explain this to you."

"So sorry, I'm always forgetful whenever am tensed."

The team leader face another man and asked. "Are you sure about this man, I don't want a coward in my team?"

"He thought it is easy to make it in the underworld!"

"You can go back with your figurative tail between your buttocks!"

"Shh, I will explain for the last time," the team leader announced, paused, and then resumed hi
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