Things aren't working as planned for the Country P merchants and the grim on their faces is more than enough to reveal their state of mind.

Sitting in their usual position, the sad-looking men were in deep conversation.

"Those sent after Banjo had been ambushed and El Ramon has been ignoring our invitations," Augur announced.

"Banjo will be found and another attempt will be made on his life. As for El Ramon's silence, I was called some hours ago to come with our document for him to sign," Priest answered back.

"That's good news. Now our port clearance will be cleared, and we can sail anytime we choose," Aries let out.

"What about the supply of opium from the royal house?"

"That will be arranged as well."

"We should thank Priest for this. El Capone will never allow him to sign when alive."

"This is not time for appreciation. We need to employ the services of professional assassins for those who were El Ramon's loyalists, and also money for those who will be bribed."

"Priest has
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