And the men were right, the royal house had got wind of the incident, and a meeting concerning the whole security force of the island was called by El Ramon.

All the royal mafias gathered in the large hall that was constructed for the purpose, and they all seat in line to await the crown prince of the island.

Because freedom of speech is assured and not freedom after the speech, the men whispered among themselves to avoid eavesdroppers who may carry theirs talking about to the ears of those on the throne.

"A man that brought home a maggots infected wood is the one that invites the presence of lizards to his house," one among the men said in a proverb, and others agreed with him by nodding their heads at his wise saying.

"We can't just open our eyes and watched the island destroyed because of our prince's leniency. It's Madam Shasha's turn today, who knows who will be following."

"I agree with you, and I suggest we demand a right to own w

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