As the adage goes, two people can never be ignorant of lies. If the one we are lying to those not know, the liar must know it's a lie.

In the case of Madam Achia and Andrea, both knew Madam Achia was lying about her denial of her son's visit, and the two couples were seen in discussions as soon as the woman left their midst."

"That woman is a pathetic liar and nearly fools me with her crocodile tears."

"Imagine crying like a banshee on top of lies. She is fit to be an actress."

"I agree with you. So what should be done now?"

"What's on your mind?"

El Ramon was about to speak, then changed his mind as a guard strode inside and announced, "the board of committee of the royal treasury are here."

"Allow them in."

Libra lead the men inside, and they all bowed and seat in front of the two couples.

"Welcome, I hope you are not disturbed by my sudden invitation?"

"Not at all, we know is for the growth of this island."

"I welcome you once again into my palace, and I won't beat around
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