Because nothing is impossible when you have money, Odell soon meets a lady who loves money enough to risk her life.

He was closing his office door when a tall lady stepped closer and whispered into his left ear, "I have news concerning her."

Odell stared at the beautiful face, smiled, unlock the door and both stepped inside the office.

"Please seat down. And start by telling me your name."

"My name is Sharon, and am sure you would have noticed me among your ladies of attendance."

"Maybe. There are lots of beautiful ladies here, and it will take me some time to know all the faces. Now tell me what you know about her."

"The money first. I heard you are paying ten thousand dollars for any reliable information about her."

Odell smirked at the lady's outstretched hand, dipped his hand inside the drawer in his front and brought out a wad of notes, then count a hundred out of it and gave it to the lady.

"I hope your information will be worthy of this price."

"Yes. I will answer all your que
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