Jade's room was met closed, and no one seemed to know where she went to. After waiting for a longer time than what they schedule, the three foreigners stepped out of Johji Inn, into their car, and drove out of sight.

A moment after they left, convoys of trucks from the royal house arrived, and mafias in red and black uniforms hopped down the trucks, formed a line, and a man with overgrown beards stepped in the front to address the lady of attendance, other staff and the few remaining nights crawling customers.

"By the order of the imperial majesty, prince El Ramon, this Johji Inn will now fall under the command of the royal house, and I will be the controller of it, and only accountable to the royal house. All protocols are to remain as before until further notice."

His announcement caused murmuring among the ladies.

"Are there any questions?"

"Yes. What about the lady that was handed the control of the Inn some days back? We are already getting used to her, and now they send us anot
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