The priest is as furious as a black Mamba snake throughout the day, and nothing seemed to drive the melancholy look on the sad man's face.

"Why is everything going wrong?" He asked the empty room, sighed, shrugged and hissed out.

What he thought will be the easier seemed to be the most difficult part of the plan.

Apart from the murder of El Capone, all the other plans of the foreigners had been in vain, and they keep losing their hard-earned money and trusted men.

To Priest, did is the toughest moment of his life, and the lack of enough money in the merchant's treasury made it more unbearable.

With money, he can look for ways to gather additional men, influence them and turn them into dependable warriors.

But because all their reserve had been spent on several unsuccessful missions that had left them bankrupt, he knew his dream of employing mercenaries will remain nothing but a dream.

Asking the royal house for mafias is like asking your enemy for a favour, expect a trojan gift i
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