The barrel chest man in charge of Johji Inn was seen in his office soliloquising alone. No doubt, his invitation to the palace is to rob him of the position that had brought him so much financial gain in a few weeks.

Since whoever pays the piper dictates the tunes, the mafia had no choice but to obey the last order.

But before then, there are incomplete tasks to be completed.

After sighing and hissing for a long moment, he jerked the telephone on the table in his front closer, pressed some numbers on it, picked up the receiver and waited patiently as it ring on the other side of the line.

"Hello, this is Omega from Johji Inn, who am I speaking with, please?"

"This is Alpha. What did you have for us?"

"Am asked to resume at the palace tomorrow and am afraid I may not be posted back here, due to some unforeseen circumstances. Just want to inform you of this because of our previous discussion."

"Okay, Omega. Did you know who may be posted to the Inn?"

"No, idea. Alpha."

"You will serve
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