Heaven wept after the burial of lady Agatha, as the windows of heaven opened and a downpour of water fell through the night.

As soon as the dawn broke, Zuma was seen walking towards Andrea's section of the palace, passing through several rigorous checkpoints, and then appearing in her majesty's quarter.

"His highness send me to come for the newborn baby."

"Here he is. Where are you taking him to?"

"Into the forest behind the palace. Am instructed to hide him and make sure no one knows of his murder."

"Do as he instructed you. No one knows that the baby was removed from lady Agatha's stomach before her death."

"Aye. That was why his excellency asked me to get rid of him before the news of him circulate the island."

"Have him," Andrea scooped the baby up with the shawl, wrapped him up and placed him on the outstretched palms of Zuma, then let out, "come back to give me the feedback after."

"I will, your majesty."

Andrea's face was expressionless as Zuma bowed and walked out of her comp
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