If the man that picked up a valuable item on the ground is willing to have it at the expense of his life, then what will the man that lost the item do?

Sheila is the lady of service that is desperate for the position of administrator of Johji.

Forgotten that the woman who labours to build the Inn is no more, she had made up her mind to be the director and she is ready to damn any consequences that may come after.

For days, the tall, fat and beautiful lady has been looking for a chance to eradicate her two rivals, and her chance came when she decided to organise a party to celebrate her birthday.

Booming with people and the sound of music, Johji Inn seemed to be unusually overcrowded compared to the previous day, and the balloons and stickers on the walls of the Inn signify that today is a special day.

Dressed in a pink armless mini-gown that doesn't reach her knee, and with the magical touch of makeup, Sheila looked like a princess as she stepped into the podium that was constructe
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