After his previous attempt to escape, Onishi decided to lie low for a while. At least until he knew where his captors kept their powerboat.

Since he was always in the company of lady Agatha's son, a kind of fatherly friendship had grown between the two of them, and Onishi knew he will miss the cute smile of the baby who remind him so much of king El Guje.

He had the chance he was seeking when Jade and the men with her returned from their mysterious journey, and the prince gawked from hiding when he saw them opening a secret passage at the back of their cabin and ferry their speedboat inside.

"Ho! This is where you kept your boat," the young prince smiled from his hidden place, watched as they close the entrance, and then smirked when he realized he had been passing this route since he arrived here and never imagined that what he sought was hidden a step away from him.

When he heard his name, Onishi crawled out of hiding, then turned the other way, and arrived inside the cabin a fe
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