Chapter 7

The Fire Benders had taken their positions and were about to unleash their wrath when a massive wind blew in and brought all the trees in the area to life. They were all terrified for their lives; they had seen magic before, but nothing like what they were seeing.

"Please help me!" cried an elderly voice. They all looked up, unable to believe what they were seeing. A willow tree approached them and came to a halt a few meters away. Elder Lee was nailed to its branches and was burning in an everlasting fire that did not scotch his body but continued to burn.

Without thinking, King Seth quickly flew up to the tree to untie him but was struck back by a huge force and Clarris appeared.

"King Jerald warned all of you to stay away! but you all decided to ignore him. Now you are going to face my wrath," Clarris's voice echoed, sending shivers down their spines.

She raised her hands and all the subjects of King Seth, her brother, dropped to the ground. The other kings ordered their men to at
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