Chapter 10

Nephius rushed into his mother's room.“Mum, did you hear that?”

“Your father is not yet home,” a worried Rachel replied.

“We have to go out there, something has happened?” Her son requested

“No no, your father is immortal, nothing is going to happen to him. He will be back,”

“But what was that?”

Her other sons came rushing too, “Did everyone hear that?” Daniel asked.

“We all heard it, sounded like a woman crying, maybe it's Clarris and dad finally beat her ass up,” Lotus added.

“We have to go out there?”

“No!” Rachel insisted, “she might be trying to lure you out there, remember you are all over eighteen.”

The boys kept quiet, what their mother was saying was making sense. Barrick got out a potion and started spraying it on his brother

“What is this?” Daniel asked.

“It's a protection potion, used to lure away love potions, that's if she comes to lure us seductively.”

“Where did you get it?”

“Potion market in Arthora,” Barrick replied.

“You went to Arthora? Did you see some beautiful
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