Chapter 20

A shivering General Bentrek drew his sword and pointed it at Clarris, “over my dead body am I going to allow you to reach my emperor.”

“You asked for it,” Clarris said and drew her hands but was stopped by the presence of a furious Emperor Marcelo.

“You just broke your own words by stepping into this land,” the emperor stated.

General Bentrek quickly ran to the emperor's side “my lord what are you doing outside, go back inside with the others?”

The emperor looked around and was disgusted at the sight of all his men snoring. It was embarrassing, to say the least. “What do you want, Clarris?”

“Is this how you welcome your aunt, have some manners, we come in peace,” Clarris replied.

“In peace??? You have my men on the ground!” The emperor rolled. Emperor Marcelo was a very heavy fire whirled and had a huge beard that added fearlessness to him. He was feared by most of his subjects and even though he was standing in front of Clarris, he maintained his fearlessness.

Clarris moved forward
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