Chapter 26

Rachel and her sons stared at each other in horror. This was not the news they were hoping for. After centuries of trying to look for solutions, it looked like they were back to square one. They had no idea why fate was so against them.

Barrick hurried off to the kitchen and Omen followed him from behind, he ignored a frustrated Clarris that kept screaming at him.

“I thought this was all over?” Miguel said in a sad voice to which they all just looked at the floor sadly. Clarris stared at them and laughed, she was enjoying the fact that they were still suffering but hearing Cleselda and Emperor Marcelo in the same sentence boiled her blood. It could only mean one thing.

“Let's go and meet our guests,” Rachel stated, breaking the silence and they all followed her.

Outside the Barrier, Princess Elsa got off her father very furiously; shocked by the Nemo's behavior. She was in disbelief, he threw her out like a piece of garbage.

“My Princess, are you alright?” the emperor asked while hug
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