Chapter 35

Arthora on the other hand was now a land of grieving families, Emperor Marcelo was so blinded by his greed to maintain power that he thought sacrificing a few of his subjects was not a problem for him.

Many elders and sorcerers tried reasoning with him but he gave them a death ear and those that persisted were killed on the spot without mercy.

It was morning and Cleselda walked into his chambers bearing good news, she managed to fashion out a hundred sleeping monster flutes. The emperor almost jumped in excitement, this was the good news he was waiting for. He was also informed on the status of his daughter. For the past two days, he was worried about the whereabouts of his daughter.

Cleselda assured him that she was alive but hid the fact that she was with Omen. Even though she could not see the Princess because Omen also blocked his location with a spell, she was sure that the Princess was with him. And giving the emperor such news would have led to the emperor abandoning the flut
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