A Glimpse Of Something Wicked

Diamant walked in with the specter and a torch in one hand while she dragged a bag of raw meat in the other. The smell of flesh and blood filling her lungs. She could hear Landrus breathing but she couldn't see where he was then her eyes caught two blue light shining in the darkness.

"I am sorry I haven't really had time to come and see you. I brought you some food." She lifted her eyebrows at the bag on the floor. Landrus huffed and slowly emerged from the darkness. She stepped back, the space becoming too little with every step he took.

He looked at the sack then set to it a blast of fire. He feasted hungrily on the meat, Diamant watched, her eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

Soon he was done, he laid on the floor with his head on her laps. She stroke his head and he purred. She felt at peace and protected, it felt like her a great weight was lifted off her shoulders. Even if it would be only for that moment, she wanted to enjoy it.

Suddenly, Landrus lifted his head, his ears perk
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