Death's Flamming Jaws

When did Lewis get there? His clothes were tattered, he looked lean and the chains that once held him in bondage were scattered on the floor next to his bare feet.

Lewis looked at the prisoners. He had once shared the same prison with them, once had mercy for them yet they had turned against him.

Aaron's smile was blinding and Lewis picked the sword from him feebly. It felt like he hadn't held a sword in years. He felt drained of strength that he had to hold the sword with both his hands as he breathed heavily.

Aaron turned away, walked up the podium then took his place next to Diamant.

Minister Gu stepped forward, his eyes calm, his face relaxed. When he finally got to the beheading stone, a slight sad smile tugged at his lips. He looked up at Lewis, his eyes saying a silent apology but Lewis's eyes were concealing like he was forcing himself to look straight ahead.

He could hear the crowd muttering but he couldn't even turn to look at them. Why should he? For someone like him who
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