Beware, She is Unstable

Diamant heart skipped a beat and she looked away, till she heard Nana's painful screams and incessant cry for her to be saved.

"Diamant, save me!!!"

Staring at her struggle against the fire while she cried out for help, while she cried out her name, twisted her stomach in knots.

She had seen this had happened before.

She felt heat rush over her, she could feel the heat of the fire like she was the one on the cross. It felt like everyone disappeared and it was only the burning cross with Nana on it and her on her seat.

Her hands coiled around her armrests. The sweat dripping down her neck made her hair stick to it. Her eyes filled with fear as they widened, her breath coming out rasp and loud.

"Save me! Help me!" The scream penetrated through her mind, echoing in her ears.

Then images flashed before her eyes. A burning skeleton approached from the fire, coming directly to her. She sunk deeper into her seat, it was here again. She thought she had already blended with it, tho
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