Chapter 17 Trap Technique
It was getting darker and the Osher grove was filled with the more blood-colored mist.

However, Tolly was not plunged into darkness completely, for a reddish moon, almost as big as the sun, crept into the sky slowly, accompanied by two little moons on each side of it. The big moon in the center, like a noble lady with four maids beside her, was drop-dead gorgeous but mysteriously strange.

A cold breeze blew through, sending shivers down his spine. Except for the whispers of the trees, the only sound that could be heard at the moment was coming from their footsteps. The big moon glowed on the top of the trees, turning them reddish, making the grove more eerie and scary. It was not until that time that Tolly realized why this grove was also called the Scarlet Mist.

‘If these smugglers are not greedy, they must be all in big trouble with their lives. Otherwise, no one would be willing to step into such a dangerous place.’ Tolly thought to himself.

Casting a glance at these smugglers b
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