Chapter 25 An Assassin
It was not long before they strode back on the narrow path that could only allow one person to go past at one time. After stepping on that steep flight of stairs, they went through the special door in the wall and arrived at the dark dead-end alley.

Tolly, Michael, and Old Peter did not talk much during the journey, as they didn’t want to be noticed by others.

In fact, the black market was not as secretive as one might think. The authorities had simply turned a blind eye to it and acquiesced in its existence.

The alley was not very long. Five minutes later, they were back on the bustling Bridge Street.

However, it was much busier than usual. They saw numerous people rushing in one direction for something exciting.

“What’s going on?” Tolly asked curiously.

Frowned, Old Peter and Michael shook their heads, indicating that they had no idea what had happened.

Old Peter immediately stopped a tall man who was walking briskly and asked,

“Hey, dude, what’s the rush? Can you tell us wha
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