Chapter 41 the Guy with Copper Brush

“You’re right. One has to pay for what he has done. The little punk called Tolly has to die for what they did.” The veiled woman said. “Now you step in to help him. I’ll have to come to kill him next time.”

With that, she pulled two pink balls from her pocket and threw them onto the ground. With a bang, the two balls exploded and a wisp of smoke quickly filled the air. Under the cover of the smoke, the veiled woman quickly flew away on her six-petal flower-like boat. When Ms. Harmsworth was able to have a clear vision ahead, it was impossible to go after her then.

“Misty Balls??!! They are something from the Altered clan. Unbelievable! Does she come from the Altered clan? I have to report this to Fanta Lord.” Ms. Harmsworth said, gasping in shock.

“What’s the Altered clan? I’ve never heard of it before!” Tolly asked, coming closer to Ms. Harmsworth.

“People from the Altered clan have long been the archenemies of our human beings. Their ancestor was someone called Anemono.”

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