Chapter 57 Earth Energy Pearl

“I’ll be the greatest cultivator in this world!” Tolly shouted in his courtyard while looking up into the sky.

Then he ran a few laps in his yard excitedly. If there had been anyone else there, he would surely have been considered to be mad by others.

After a few moments, he gradually calmed himself down. He began to think about what he should do next. There were two voices in his mind.

‘Go back to your house to cultivate until you break through into a higher level!’ one of the voices rang out in his mind.

‘Take a break, Tolly. You know, you’ve already got a level-nine spirit heritage. That means you have an Invincible-level talent for cultivation. You’re truly a genius now.’ the other voice argued.

However, Tolly was not convinced by either of the voices because he suddenly recalled the words told by the Yellow-headed Master. As a matter of fact, the words kept echoing in his mind,

‘You know, you’d better keep a low profile before you rise to power and become much stronger. Go find s
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