Chapter 76 Golden Sunapple

“What’s that?” Tolly exclaimed, gaping at the giant tree in front of him.

He also found something glittering on the tree.

However, he didn’t receive any info about the tree on the status green before him.

“Well, maybe it’s too far from me. I need to get closer to the tree,” said Tolly to himself.

When he got closer to it, with a ding, a new message appeared on the screen as he expected.

[Name: Golden Sunapple tree]

[Level: eight]

[Quality: High]

[Vital Energy: 999999 points, absorbable]

[Effect: unknowable at the moment]

[Collectible: Golden Sunapple]

[Tips: Golden Sunapple is a kind of edible fruit that can help to expand one’s channels or meridians and extend one’s lifespan. It can also help people to bounce back to normal when they are seriously injured. The Golden Sunapple tree will yield one Golden Sunapple every ten years.]

‘Golden Sunapple?’ thought Tolly with excitement, “a fruit that can extend one’s lifespan? And it can only be yielded every ten years, so it must be very pre
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