Chapter 106 Spiritual Beast

He walked hurriedly into the woods with a rictus of anxiety. Then he headed straight for a palm tree, intending to water it with his yellow soup. He let loose his trousers and pulled out his bird to comfortably answer the call of nature.

As Tolly almost finished peeing, he suddenly heard some strange noise behind him. He turned around, he got such a fright that he nearly forgot to put his bird back into his pants.

“Oh, no, help!” he shouted, starting to dash out of the woods and running towards Luna and Peggy. “There’s a ghost there.”

“Ghost?” Luna and Peggy said in surprise, also frightened, “Are you kidding us?”

“No, I saw a shadow flying above my sky and then disappeared. And did you hear that creepy noise?” asked Tolly.

“No, I heard nothing. Luna and I were just chit-chatting. To tell you the truth, I only heard you scream,” said Peggy ironically, “I think you lied.”

“Hey, I didn’t,” Tolly shot back, “You can go inside the wood to check it.”

Luna and Peggy followed Tolly to move i
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