Chapter 112 Green Box

Luna was good at the ice-element cultivation art—Snowflake Sword Technique.

So, she was surely the right person to quench the fire beneath the power.

Without thinking for too long, Luna quickly held out her slender fingers and got her long sword in her hands.

By spinning it fast, she sent out a whole train of flashes from her sword. All of them went straight to the bottom of the pipe in the middle of the Blue Water Formation.

At the same time, the temperature around them dropped drastically. Even the water in the river froze.

Obviously, the invisible fire at the bottom of the pipe started to lose its power gradually, for there was less water coming out of the pipe now.

Peggy’s eyes widened in amazement, having not expected that Luna’s attacks would be so powerful.

“Fantastic!” exclaimed Tolly with a hint of excitement, “you’re doing a good job, Luna. Keep up the good work. I suppose the fire will soon be put out by your snowflake sword flashes.

As Tolly sang praises for what she had d
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