Chapter 132 Princess Nicole
“Go ahead! I want to see how you convince me!” said General Raymond donning the silver armor, “What do you mean by ‘novels make history alive’?”

“Well, when you read history, it’s not what really happened in the past, but what the historians who write history want you to read,” explained Tolly, “Do you agree with me, General Raymond?”

“Yeah, I have to say you’re not wrong about it,” said General Raymond, his grey face suddenly glowing with a beam of white light. It looked like he got some enlightenment from what Tolly had just said.

“A little, please go ahead. I’m still not convinced,” said General Raymond, looking a little bit impatient.

“Can you elaborate on your point, Tolly?” whispered Luna, “or are you stalling time for us?”

“No, I’m sure I can convince him, don’t worry,” said Tolly in a low voice, “you know back on Earth, I like philosophy a lot.”

“See, Luna, Tolly starts to talk nonsense again,” said Peggy, twiddling her fingers.

Tolly smiled at them and then continued to
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