Chapter 140 SKy Tower
Tolly and Mary quickly went down the staircase. In a minute, they saw someone lying in a huge cage. From the clothes the person was wearing, Tolly immediately knew it was Sally indeed.

“Sally, wake up,” shouted Tolly with a hint of excitement, “I’m Tolly. I come to get you out of here.”

Sally quickly woke up and got up immediately. She was much thinner than before. When sighting Tolly, she quickly got excited.

“Oh, my goodness,” said Sally, “It’s you, Tolly. I know you’ll come to rescue me, nice to see you.”

“Yeah, now I’ll let you out of the cage first,” said Tolly while starting to drive some of his vital energy to his hands.

In a minute, he got two fireballs in his hands. The fire was burning the bars of the cage. A few moments later, several bars of the cage were burnt to ashes. Sally soon sneaked herself out of the cage.

Looking at each other for a while, Sally and Tolly hugged tightly.

“I have always missed you, Sally,” said Tolly, tears starting to well up in his eyes.

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