Roshan was greeted by that message immediately he opened his eyes.

‘Darn system…’he thought as he read through the message.

*The system is only trying to help the user*

“Did this thing just reply me” Roshan jumped up from the bed as he heard that.

But no answer came this time, instead

*Daily Quest: Walk 5000 steps*

*Steps: [0/5000]*

“Hmmmmm. At least it sounds easy enough”

Roshan went down on his hands and started his physical training. Even though he had a system that could easily…scratch that, that could give him strength as his system never really gave him anything easily, he knew not to rely too much on it.

After two hours of exercises, he jumped into the bathroom and took a shower before heading out

“Master Fyi, a good morning to you. I’ll be back before lunch.” He said and dashed out before the old man could say anything.

Fyi looked at the back of the boy disappeared before grumbling

“That’s what you said yesterday” He looked away and continued with his tea.

Roshan walked into the market. He still had that level 3 beast Gem from the Gotou beast and he planned to sell it

Looking around, he saw different shops some filled with beast weapons, some filled with jewelleries, some contained technological equipments like the training bot he fought with while others contained food and snacks.

What he needed right now was just a few minutes walk away from him.

He walked over to a shop where different beast Gems were being sold.

He examined everyone of them with his eyes and he could feel the intense energy from each one.

Before he could even speak

“Ohhhh, an handsome customer. Welcome, what do you want to buy. Tell me what you desire, I’m sure I have the one to suit your taste and requirements or perhaps you want to give one to a young maiden, she must be very beautiful if you have decided to get on for her and I have just the right one……..hohoho” The man chuckled when he saw Roshan’s face brightened red thinking he was blushing.

Little did he know that Roshan was fuming with anger.

‘I just arrived and he didn’t let me speak before saying utter nonsense’ he scrunched his face before calming down.

“No sir, I wouldn’t like to buy anything. I just want to discuss something with you” He spoke up as he saw the man searching fervently for something.

“You don’t want to buy anything, then leave here. I don’t like to waste my time” The man’s character immediately changed as if someone pressed a button on him.

“But I wanted to give you something” Roshan immediately brought out the gem and placed it in front of the man.

The green gem glowed as it was brought to light.

“Ohoho….what do we have here” The shopkeeper ignored Roshan and brought out his tools as he began to inspect the gem.

“A level 3 Gem…..I see, how much do you want for it” the man said as he eyed Roshan. The weak child must have stolen the gem. It doesn’t look like he could kill a Level 3 beast. I could just give him some little change.

“A thousand credits” Roshan said immediately without blinking his eyes. He knew how much this gems were worth and he wouldn’t let anyone dupe him.

“A thousand credits, boy don’t play with me.” The shop man said looking at Roshan before moving his eyes to the gem.

“This thing is probably worth five hundred gem” he said as he took another look at the boy.

“If you don’t want it, I can sell it to someone else for a far better price” Roshan took his gem immediately and was about to go when the man suddenly called his name.

“Alright wait, I’ll give you eight hundred and that’s all I have” The man said as he eyes the gem again.

In this kind of little town, gems like these were kind of in huge demand because no one had to courage to go and hunt except a few. That was why the man thought the boy actually stole it.

“Alright” Roshan grinned and brought out his card

The man brought out his own card which was blue in colour totally different from Roshan’s whose own was white.

The white card meant only 0-1000 credits were placed if the amount of credits increased, the cards would change colour.

The next level of card was the 1000-5000 credits which was green followed by the blue coloured card which contained 5000-15000 credits.

In this era, getting credits were a lot harder as a lot of things were destroyed by the Deagis. Still human worked hard to ensure things could at least return to normal.

Building advanced technological equipment to facilitate travel, communication, education and healthcare.

As a result of these, global warming had increased causing the earth to become unsuitable for the humans and they had to go out to the solar system to search for more planets and it was successful.

Finding more than two handfuls, human settled down on some while few remained on earth to train for the Deagi’s return.

The reason for this was for the use of the evolved animal that had turn vicious due to mutation and radiation. These beasts were used as an object of training for these humans in preparation for the upcoming war.

Right now, Roshan was still on earth.

The man pressed a free buttons on his card and swiped it over Roshan’s card.

A few notifications were heard.

His card displayed a screen and the transaction was confirmed.

He was 800 credits rich.

“It was a pleasure doing business with you sir” He smiled as he walked away.

“Pleasure…my foot” the man grumbled. He had just lost 300 credits exceeding his normal bargain.

“That bastard duped me” he said as he looked at the boy who was already far gone.

The smile never left his lips as he moved with the wind.

He knew the Gem was worth five hundred credits but why would he sell it for that when he could have some profit.

“If I had not used that tactic. I would have lost 300 credits.”

Now time to buy a new weapon

He strolled into the weapons shop.

“Anyone home, I would like to buy a weapon” He asked looking around

But no answer came back.

Then he decided to take a look around the shop.

He wouldn’t get a sword this time, although his sword skills were good but they didn’t display his full strength.

He needed something that would be able to exert his full power. He would have used his bare hands but they would easily get injured.

“Wait a minute…why can’t I use my hands. I could get a gauntlet….Yes why didn’t I think of this before, stupid me” His eyes sparkled immediately until

*System agrees with host*

“What……” he was left dumbstruck for a few minutes.

Did it agree with him getting a gauntlet or with him being stupid.

No reply…..

“so you can talk back”

*The system will be able to do a lot of things once upgraded*

Roshan wondered how he could upgrade it but the system gave him no response.

He went to where the gauntlets were being kept.

Different gauntlets caught his eyes and most especially their prices.

They were very expensive. He couldn’t afford any with just a white card.

His eyes caught a gold coloured gauntlet sitting lonely by the corner

“Crystal Iris” he called

His eyes glowed in the dull light.

*Crystal Iris activated*

*Level 20 Beast Gauntlet*

*Ability: None*

*Strength +20*

*Defence +25*

*Speed +15*

It was a little disappointing that it had no attribute but maybe that was what caused the low price.

Just 600 credits and it was enough at least it was better than nothing.

“Master Fyi wouldn’t mind if I take a little right” He said as he took the gauntlet pieces and wore it

They were too big at first but they slowly began to shrink to the size of his hands.

“They look great” he said as he examined his hands.

“Who is there” an hoarse voice sounded immediately jolting him to reality.

“Hello, I would like to purchase this” Roshan said as he walked to the short man and raised his hands.

“They are not for sale” The man said and turned away.

“What…… then why did you put them up” He looked at the man who was walking away from him

‘How is he so fast' Roshan thought as he tried to catch up to him.

“I just did, but I am not selling them to you” The man frowned as he looked at Roshan in disgust.

“Why?” Roshan didn’t understand what the man was trying to say

“You are weak. I don’t give my creations to weaklings.” Said the man as he scoffed

“You say I’m weak just by looking at me…what makes you think I am weak” Roshan eyebrows furrowed as he looked down at the man.

“You look weak…look at those skinny arms. There’s no denying it, you are weak” The man shrugged.

“I am not weak and I want to buy these gauntlets” Roshan put his card forward and tried to forget the man ever calling him weak.

He was weak…he knew but not everyone likes to be called weak to their face. He didn’t want any trouble.

He just wanted to buy some weapons.

“You are not say, defeat my son in a battle and the weapon will be yours free of charge” The man didn’t even turn around but a smile was seen in the side of his face.



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