*System is powered on*

*System is online*

Roshan’s eyes widened in delight as he rushed to his bed and laid back to relax and check the new things.

“Show me my personal status” he thought.

*HOST NAME: Roshan Talon*

*HOST LEVEL: Level 20

*HOST RACE: Super Human



*SPEED: 50




*IQ: 30


*Poison Element: 9

*Fire Element: 6


*Energy Absorption: Level 6

*Refill: Level 5

*Crystal Iris: Level 6

*Infinity Pool: Level 1

*Charm Eye: Level 1

*Dash: Level 1

*SP: [1000/1000]

*HP: [1000/1000]

*Exp: [0/2000]

*Warning: Pet is in a weak state*

Roshan’s smile grew wider as he read the messages but it froze when he stopped at the last messages.

He turned around to see the white haired boy staring at him in a weird way.

He immediately remembered he wasn’t alone but he had smiled like a creep. Who wouldn’t look at him like that.

He immediately waved to the boy to reduce the awkwardness of the situation.

Maybe having a roommat
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