Bunker System

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Bunker System

By: Shen 03 OngoingSystem

Language: English

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BOOM!!! An atomic bomb goes off, lucky for Cumas, a window saved him. It appeared just in his class and told him to go to a bunker and when it went of, Cumas felt lucky having his own system protecting him, or is it? He has to complete quest to survive if he wants to stay on the safest place on earth, the bunker.

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13 chapters
Chapter 1
[1 hour remaining] It said those words on a slight transparent screen. The lucky guy to notice this was called Cumas, he was puzzled by what he was seeing and he glossed over it. Sitting on an uncomfortable wooden and plastic chair and table combo, he started again for the millionth time as a teacher. "As he blah blah blah, he blah blahed and then he did this cool blah blah," that's what he heard from his teacher's mouth. He wondered how he felt. Cumas wasn't samet but he had one thing he was always intrigued by psychology and sociology. People thought it was a bit sadistic but he glanced over it. He just kept on hearing the teacher ponder on. [35 minutes remaining] Cumas was still puzzled why he was seeking this. In intervals of 5 it would always pop up, illuminating its presence to him, but then get overshadowed by how Cumas was unimaginative. There were 5 minutes left of the school day and he had given up listening to what the teacher said. Oh well, could go over this at home.
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Chapter 2
When Cumas entered the building, he heard a noise. The noise wasn't that great, it was shallow. But the aftermath was greater than he would imagen. The bunker was 'technically' not a bunker. 'It's not underground' He looked funny because of it, but then got startled with a huge rustling sound. BRRRRRRR!! It was the door, shaking vividly as if someone was breaking inside. Cumas jumped into the air and looked at the door, vibrating unnaturally. He could not believe the impact was going to be that great. He blinked again after it had calmed down. He gave a sigh of relief, closing his eyes, going off into his dreams. The nightmare Cumas had was crazy, however he knew it was true. He leaves behind everybody. He could have saved those people, but the guilt started to bite him. He had fallen asleep from shock and did not even notice the area. He blinked again. 'Was I that tired?' He saw the door again, in pristine condition. It had a metallic look, opposing what it looked from the
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Chapter 3
Cumas laughed because of it. "What, why is it asking this? There is no girl here, so how-" he stopped. He turned and looked at the door. 'What, nooooo.' He sighed heavily and walked towards it, glaring at the metallic door. Squeeze skin? What is that- holding hands? He was in the bunker for a day and he had already gotten used to it. He had gotten info on how to use most things. He had to level up the bunker to get more things, he had pets to keep in here and storage was easy to use. But quests, he thought he could live like this for the rest of the apocalypse. He went back to the quest note and looked at it. 'Wait, a reward' He was hoping it would be what he expected or something along those lines. Nope. "If incomplete you will be kicked out of the bunker for 12 hours," he said in a scared voice. "And where's the reward?" He shook his head, took a breath and started thinking. He put on his socks and shoes, stepping only on a certain area. He opened the door and went out
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Chapter 4
“What do you mean? I am doing what you wanted.” “No you are-, forget it, let's go and ransack this place,” a man said with a deep voice, the other spoke with an almost identical voice, just a bit high pitched. The pair had climbed over the wooden fence like the other two had and were looking for resources. They glanced round and saw nobody through anything. He pointed at a window. “Let's go through there,” the higher pitched man said, and the other one nodded. Cuma’s eyes twitch from it. He had moved him and her to the ground to make sure that there would be no one seeing them. Why did Cuma’s do it for the other guys? These probably have guns, that's his deduction. They speak around, acting confident, then they stay silent, looking for enemies. Both of them would be dead and-. ‘Oh boy, I do not want to die, this is stupid’ But why did he let the kids in? They are kids, they can't live in this world by themselves, and he knew that, those adults would be scared and he had to
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Chapter 5
"No,no,no,no, what the- nooo, not happening, are you stupid!" He immediately sat down on the fluffy floor, hoping it would make his worries go away, but it didn't. ‘Honestly most people would kill to have an opportunity like his, Why this'’ While he tried to figure out his aim, he jumped up again and checked if there was a punishment. 6 hours unable to enter the bunker, but the reward would be a level up stat to Cindy if she came here. He kept on swerving and thinking. He did not want to do this. He stopped for a second and said out loud, “no, no I will not be doing this,” he stood strong in the middle of the room, looking like an idiot. The aftermath surprised him. [Quest terminated] ‘Huh, it worked, why? It shouldn't be listening to me, what's going on? If it- He walked up to it, picturing Cindy in his head constantly and just lay on the comfy floor. The dip did not allow him to manoeuvre well, but he still rolled a bit. After a bit, this happened. Dong. He pounced and loo
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Chapter 6
He would have never guessed this was happening. Walking for a few hours, which he enjoyed except for the fact that he was walking with a stupid girl. A sign showed up, it said these words, which he hated. “THE GREATEST BUNKER, has food and shelter for every person” Cindy said it and Cumas blinked at the poster. ‘Excuse me, you, greatest bunker, please’ He blinked then looked at the girl, he scoffed. She looked at him, misinterpreting him. “Yeah, I know, a place to stay, how awesome is that?” Her eyes lit up, flashing with excitement, making it easy to find out what her aim with him is, but hard to believe somebody would pick him. He looked at her, then asked, “why me?” She lunged in and kissed him, confusion rolled around the guy's head and he kept on doing it. Nothing would stop him, he touched her tongue with his, a soothing feeling. He wanted to grab it: her butt. She staggered back, giving him the incapability of doing it. ‘No, I just fell for it’ “That's your answer,”
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Chapter 7
Cindy cradled onto him again, which plummeted his smile quicker. The inside was like a regular shopping centre, however, the shops were occupied by people for various things.Some were selling stuff while others were using it for shelter. He also saw that some shops were working and you could enter. He nodded his head in approval.‘This is perfect, the fact that trade is still open is good as I can still gain goods’He saw these black and green patches, and everything looked much more dull. The only light source was from the window at the top for the upper floor, and the bottom floor had torches and lanterns hanging from places. It felt like a dungeon. He saw a bench and sat down, but before sitting he stopped. ‘Is somebody come and launch at me?’Before he could think it through, Cindy’s big butt placed itself onto it. There was again green studd, which looked like moss. However, when he touched it, he noticed the object had turned green. This stuff was spreaded out through the who
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Chapter 8
Cumas did not understand everything in the world, he knew that, but him doing research on human behaviour made him think he could prepare himself for some things. When he entered, there was a huge space in the centre, toys arranged still on the racks on the side, also having that weird colouring and at the end of the room there she was. Daisy, the woman, had a yellow dress, white gloves and a crown on her head, reminding Cumas of specific games he would play at a friend's house. ‘You have to be kidding me’She looked at the pair of them as they entered and a man came out of a pile of toys from somewhere. “Hey, stop it for a second, you can't come in here for no reason,” he wore white gloves as well and put his hand forward. He wore a toy suit, made for kids, making Cumas think he was in the wrong place. “We were looking for Daisy, Dan told me to come find her,” he acted casual and Daisy nodded. She got up, standing from her throne and walking down. The man looked scared. “You peop
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Chapter 9
Cindy had a manifestation of some kind of power where she hypnotises people, Cumas came across this when he was far too excited over a little detail from the whole grand of things. He came to find that the men let them off far too easily, and found that she had affected him before. ‘Alright then, let's go back to the topic’“Um, so can you please explain to me how-”She put her finger in front of his mouth, she looked at him with great pleasure, scaring the poor man.‘What is she doing?’She moved in, her face was very close to his, a slow motion drifted her towards him. He put his own finger on her.“Stop, just stop,” he moved her aside and stood up, still perplexed why Cindy was on the floor.‘Does she also have a ‘power’?’She looked at Daisy again and said with a stern voice, “I am not here for a make out, I am here for you to tell me info, so spray it princess!”He scowled at her, she chuckled. Cindy was on the floor, confused by what was happening. ‘Wait, so I couldn't even se
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Chapter 10
He left the area to look around. ‘I still have time to kill so it's really fine whatever I do?’ GRUMBLE! He got a look as few people walked past him. ‘Well, great, I am hungry, I was happy to avoid it but I need to find a place to eat’ The mall was not the largest, but it would take a while to go from point a to point b. He was glad he just wasn't overweight. ‘If I only followed the damn quest, how annoying, should just have done it’ He huffed and puffed out because of what he lost from the bunker, but also he was glad. I would run out of food for sometime so I guess it's not terrible. He went down the fairly light place, still surprised by how late it was getting. ‘Just need to find a place and I would be gold.’ He saw in the distance bright light and a crowd running over it. STAMP! STAMP! He heard the loud noise coming from behind. They were girls, one was far apart from the rest. “Come on, you don't want to miss it,” she hurried her friends. Cumas wanted to ask bu
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