The Loser Idol's Rebirth

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The Loser Idol's Rebirth

By: CPT Spankula Ongoing

Language: English

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Meet Park Soo-Ha, someone who has spent the last 10 years as a failing idol. Now reborn and sent back in time to when he was 17. What will his life be like the second time around? How will he succeed in turning from a loser into a Prince of Kpop? Stay tuned and find out!


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38 chapters
Chapter 1丨17 Again
"Sigh" A tall body crashes onto a seat barely wide enough to contain him. Resting his arms on the wheel of the car, his chestnut hazel eyes stare at the worn-out floormat as signs of the difficult times are ever present. 'Where did it all go wrong?' The radio in the background blasts as he the anchor presents the latest gossip about a former famous boy group, ACES. ACES, debuted eight years ago, led by its leader, Park Soo-Ha. At one point in time, he would take pride in that title, but now.... now he hated them. What started as small scandals and news about members inappropriate attitude quickly snowballed out of control and turned Soo-Ha's daily life from a ferry ride on the Han River into the titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean. In this day of internet detectives and viral media, the public opinion and media was filled with ACE hate. Even more so, after the incident on that particular day, which had been the cause of the press conference today. Turning to face the
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Chapter 2丨He Dreamt
It had been three days since Soo-Ha had opened his eyes. Things were strange. But.... It wasn't so bad. It took some time for Soo-Ha to adjust and if what was happening to him wasn't an illusion, Soo-Ha could do it all over again. This time he could make his dreams come true. Although Soo-Ha felt pain for having to send his father for a second time. For him, it had already been ten years. Like a scar, the wound had long stopped hurting. Unlike in his previous life , where the death of his father, caused Soo-Ha to panic about his future. While there were support funds from the country as well as death insurance, they weren't poor by any stretch of the imagination, they surely weren't wealthy either. In his panic, he hurriedly picked up a bunch of part-time jobs. The desire to relieve his mom and brother of their worries, caused him to quickly neglect his idol training. Every day, he was drowned in fatigue and his exhaustion caused him to be quickly kicked out of the debuti
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Chapter 3丨Fix
HR DIRECTOR KWON BO-AH The large clear glass spells out on the mahogany door. Facing the personal assistant, who sits outside the door. Soo-Ha nervously approaches, "Excuse me, I'm Park Soo-Ha, a third year trainee, I'd like to speak to Director Bo-ah please." The secretory doesn't look at him just yet as she continues to type on her keyboard seemingly ignoring his entire existence as he stands still, idly playing with his thumbs. Unsure if he should repeat himself or whether to wait for a response. After what seems like an eternity, she finally scratches the top of her head before telling him to take a seat, which he does. Picking up the phone, she dials a number as she waits for the person to respond. As the dial tone echoes in the room. It takes three rings before a feminine voice answers. "Yes?" "Director, there is someone here to meet you" The personal assistant says with all the enthusiasm of a euthanize patient as she beckons Soo-ha to come over and speak into the re
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Chapter 4丨Limitless
Soo-Ha walks quietly to where his mother was sitting besides her. And for the first time, in a long time, both this life and the last, he held her hand. "Everything will be alright, Mom." He says softly and sincerely. Why had these simple and small gestures of comfort been so hard for him in the past? Facing her deep eyes, she stares at him, "Thank you, Soo-Ha..... your mother will try and grow stronger now..." "It's okay... Take all the time you need, you don't have to change, Mom." "Mmm" "I'll always be by your side." Soo-ha says as he clasped his mother's hands tighter, as a glimmer of life and warmth seemed to return to her features. He wanted his family to be happy in this life. They deserved it. **** At the age of 5, Soo-Ha had learned to play the piano. At the age of 12, he listened to his first rap album. At the age of 16, he become an idle trainee. Although his family wasn't rich, while his father was alive, they had a satisfactory amount of money with some fre
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Chapter 5丨Debut or Die
[Urgent Quest issued! Debut or Die If you don't debut as an idol within the time limit, you will die. Remaining period: D –365 Reward: 5 skill points Failure: Death] "What?" The content was as ridiculous as it was ominous. It's already crazy that a system showed up out of nowhere but now there's this crazy task too. As soon as he finishes reading the pop-up disappears. "Fuck---" He spits out as a cold sweat breaks out. Soo-Ha had already confirmed the existence of the status window, so it was impossible to doubt that the failure was true. 'Why the hell did this show up?' 'Because I thought of debuting'?' Soo-Ha can't help but laugh at this crazy turn of events. 'Let's stay calm' Soo-Ha reassures himself, as he begins thinking of the quickest way to debut. He still doesn't plan on joining a new agency, which means …... he had to enter an Idol Survival program. Soo-Ha grins with a sour smile, wasn't it around this time that the Produce series was a huge hit? *** Idol
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Chapter 6丨A Pond, A Ocean, A Sea
Grabbing the microphone, without hesitation, Soo-Ha chose ten songs at random before glancing back at the door to the karaoke room he just came in. The door is made of glass, allowing onlookers to not only hear the sound from within but also see the performer. It was perfectly efficient scouting area for anyone who worked at a broadcasting station. *** [Achievement Accomplished! Level 2 -> 3 You have obtained 1 skill point] It was not long before Soo-Ha had completed another accomplishment. Investing the points saved in Vocal once more, The D+ rating quickly changed into C. The basics seemed even better this time, and when Soo-Ha song once more time to test it. The tone colour was deeper, the volume increased and the control was better. He once more couldn't believe the incredible growth he experienced. While Soo-Ha was still immersed in his progress, a sudden knock on the glass door causes his focus to shift. Facing the woman, who looks
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Chapter 7丨Impress Me
10 days had soon passed and the first day of filming had begun. Although the show is structured in the sense of a survival program, it begins with an evaluation of each participant. Much like any audition program, besides the finale the biggest stage to make an impression is the 1st round. It is not rare for a bad impression to last until the end of the program. It is said that two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression. The worst thing to do is give an average performance. Instead, even if it's a complete mess and becomes a joke, it can still help you in the future. There is no worse fate, than being cut for time and being left on the editing table. Of course, Soo-ha had no intention of being a comedy character. "Does everyone know their number? You will only be called once. Please proceed to enter this corridor after you've received your instructions." The filming began by taking a picture of the participants walking though the hall of the set, one by one
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Chapter 8丨King of Rock n Roll
Park Soo-Ha who makes his way up to the stage, listens to the male MC. "Participant Park. Please introduce yourself." "... My name is Park Soo-ha. Please take good care of me." He proceeds to bow, as there is a small laugh and snort for the judge's seat. "Is that all?" An older male judge, who is holding the microphone asked in a voice mixed with laughter. Although jokingly, there was a slight negative tone, which made answering tricky. Soo-Ha knows that it was his attempt to get him to speak more, but decides to just nod his head seriously. This causes laughter to break out among the judge's seats "What a unique kid!" "He's fun-." A few of them whispered. Of course, the microphone captured their voices well. "Ah! It says here that you are a former M.S trainee" "That's right" This is usually when remarks like, 'why are you participating?' or 'why did you leave' would be asked. However, the judges all seemed to come to an agreement that it would be more impressive to do
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Chapter 9丨Experience
"Whoa, Soo-Ha-ssi! I wasn't expecting you to be that good!" The male judge who previously held a bit of contempt for him now looks at him eagerly. ".... I practiced hard to sing it well" Another judge intercedes as he comments; "No, this is something you're born with, you have talent." The man who is one of the main mentors looks at Soo-Ha with expectation, 'His got potential to be the main vocalist …. we were actually lacking vocalists this year.' He is a famous lyricist who was popular for his blunt critique. He smiles all the way up to his eyes, indicating just how much of a liking he has taken to the contestant. Soo-Ha smiles softly as he thanks him for the praise. The judges continue with their rain of compliments. Especially the female singer, who appeared as the vocal coach. The formal idol, Hyo begins her evaluation. "Firstly, your vocal colour is very refreshing. Your vocalisation and enunciation are good too, so that it sounds pleasant to the listener." "Right,
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Chapter 10丨Bo Peep
As the familiar intro began and passed by, the lively vocals struck the ears of listeners. Soo-Ha, who goes with the most iconic pose, raises to fists to his cheeks as he tilts his head as he waits for the cue. As one of the judges spat out the water he was drinking. HA! Don't lose, don't lose, don't lose, quickly Don't lose your temper so, so, so quickly, your- so quickly Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Ah! The only person who seems to be watching his simple steps with eager eyes is the choreography instructor. While the rest along with the crowd of idols, smiles stretch to their eyes as they enjoy the unexpected scene of liveliness. The dance was not overly complicated, heck the song was the national anthem for all kindergarteners at the time. The song which was released 5 years ago, is clearly a relic of its time. An EDM-pop hybrid which instantly shot to number 1 on the Oricon Chat and top 5 on the Gaon Music Chart. ARA's , sc
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