Rejected as a Commoner, Wanted as an Heir

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Rejected as a Commoner, Wanted as an Heir

By: Cilia's Pen OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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The day a poor, despised commoner was recognized as the Lost Son of Forbes and Next in line heir of the wealthiest company in the world, he was abducted to be killed. Fortunately for him, he was rescued. However, as he continued to rise to the peak, his enemies continues to grow stronger, his vicious step mother and her villain son, inclusive

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Let's end it!
Chapter 1.'President, the same lady is here again, requesting to see you' I snarled angrily. 'Do you need orders to send her out?'He bowed slightly. 'I'll do that right away, sir'Before he had the chance to depart my office, she stumbled in, scurrying close to where I stood. She looked disoriented unlike her usual self. Her hair was a mess, her face had sweat smeared all over it, her eyes red and swollen. The mere sight of her triggered memories I've tried so hard to seal within me. To my irritation, She dropped to her knees, looked up at me with tear filled eyes.'What do you want me to do hunhh? To portray my remorsefulness? To beg for forgiveness? Tell me. I'll do anything you want' she clamored.My expression turned cold. Few days before, this was what I wanted. Her kneeling before me, begging desperately with doleful tears in her eyes just like she made me plead but now, it angered me that she's doing this. I allowed my hostile blue eyes peer deep into hers. 'There's nothing
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An Accident
Chapter 2~ ~ Dylan ~ ~I walked out of company, my heart is completely shattered. I didn't know what to feel or how to feel. My throat constricted in pain, I swallowed back the tears that threatened to spill. Who gets a break up that effing way??I ignore the stares I was receiving from people, I probably look crazy, wearing a hand of my back pack, the first four buttons of my shirt open and my usual smooth hair now rough..I managed to catch a glimpse of myself in a street mirror, I looked so much like a mess, more like an homeless boy. All I want to do is slid down a wall and cry my heart out.I had so much plans for us, I thought about our future together. She was the reason I wanted to be a better person, be able to meet up to her expectations.A small sob escaped my throat, it sounded so foreign to me I had to glance back to see if anyone was near me. I was just by myself on a lonely road.The other side of the road seemed busier than the part I'm walking on.I thought about
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A nightmare
Chapter 3~ Dylan ~'Mr and Mrs Charles' She quickly responded.The name… it rang a bell, reeked recognition.. a fearful one. My breath came in shorts and I felt dizzy immediately, an unusual feeling settling in the pit of my stomach. I clasped both sides of the hospital bed.. my mind working its way on the easiest way for me to escape. The nurse rushed to my side, pinned me back to the bed.I jerked my shoulders. 'Get your fucking hands off me!' I growled.'I can't let you leave here under my watch, especially when you're not fully recovered. If you don't want to see those people outside, say it. I'll have them leave immediately' the doctor interfered.I inclined my head in affirmation. 'Fine.. I don't wa…' I stopped mid sentence when a third party butted in.'How can he mention that to you, Doctor? He's our son. What son wouldn't want to see their parents?' the voice came from the ward's entrance.My throat constricted and I slowly gazed upwards to look at her.. I would recognize he
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Christain Forbes?
Chapter 4~ Dylan ~I woke up feeling an unbearable pain on both sides of my head. My butt cheeks remained on a hard, metallic surface, my hands were tied to the back and a twine knotted my ankles to the arm of the chair. This was more like an abduction.. No… This was an abduction. My eyes darted around the dim room. There were no fans, no bulb, no furnitures either. The paintings on the walls are mostly peeled off. The source of illumination came from outside, sipping in through the only window in the room. It was dirty and smelled like dust. A pile of clothes and documents were scattered across the room. Seems like it's more of a dumping ground.An excruciating ache shot through the whole of my body, triggering the one I felt in my head. My sight caught small bruises on my elbows and the back of my palm. I groaned helplessly, trying to psychologically soothe myself from the ache.I glanced around, searching for any instrument that can help cut the binds. I froze at the sound of appr
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The Wrong Person?
Chapter 5~ Dylan ~I twirled my hand, relentlessly trying to loosen the tight knot on it. It was as if with every attempt I made to free myself, the rope tightened. After several attempts, I was able to succeed but not without getting a huge red mark around my wrists. I reached for the blindfold, yanked it off my sight. My aching palm soothingly rubbed my throbbing eyes, relieving them slightly of the after effect impact of the blindfold. Blurry, black lines swam before me till I was able to adjust my eyes to the dim lighted room. I frantically attempted to undo the twine that tied my ankles to the metallic chair which came off a bit easier than I expected. As soon as I was free, I opted for the door and scurried out of the room, I winced fearfully when Darkness welcomed me again…'Where's this place? Where did they bring me?' I muttered to myself. Straining my eyes in the darkness, endeavoring to find an opening, something that'll assure me there's a way out of here. I followed my
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Chapter 6Weeks Later~ Christain Forbes ~It happened that I eventually followed the men weeks ago to the 'family hospital'. As soon as I recovered, they made arrangements for me to settle back home. When I say home, I do not mean the slum I've spent nearly five years of my life living in, instead, it was a luxurious mansion, filled with maids and guards, expensive furnitures, cars and everything a billionair's house should possess. It wasn't until I met the mysterious Chairman Forbes that I started to understand what was happening. I was the lost son of the Forbes. The only son of my father and the heir to the family's heirloom. It all started out in a surreal manner but again, it started to make sense to me. Why I was in an orphanage home, why I was abducted, why they tried to lure me off to another country. I guessed right. I was a threat to their existence. I was no longer lost and I'm forever grateful for that. Neither my boss nor Lauren checked up on me all the while I was in t
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You have to help me..
Chapter 7~ Christain Forbes ~Pale blue eyes peered into mine as we sat across each other. The dark circles under her eyes indicated she's been deprived of a good sleep maybe.'What do you have to say?' I urged her to speak.Her lips pressed into a thin line before she spilled it. 'I'm having problem at the hospital'.My brows furrowed and I rested my elbow on the desk, leaned on it to have a closer look at her facial features. 'Why?'She rolled her eyes, her perfectly pouted lips nibbling against each other.'You should know better than anyone else'I cussed under my breath when the realization dawned on me.. that son of a bitvh. It's like he's got some nerve after all the wrongs he did. 'I'm sorry this is happening to you but my father informed me he already took care of things, so, he shouldn't bother you anymore…' I trailed off. 'Well, he's a difficult man, Mr. Dylan. He's threatening to fire me. He wouldn't even let me engage in any hospital activity. He's making everything d
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An Outcast!
Chapter 8~ Christain~'I expected you to recognize me right away. If not my face, my voice at least' he snickered.'Cut it out. What are you here for? Abduct me again? Slice my throat open or persuade me desperately to leave?'His facial appearance hardened.. He tapped the space beside him. 'Come Sit. We have a lot to talk about. Dear brother'My anger turned into astonishment as I cocked my head. 'Brother? What right do you have to call me that?'He tapped the sofa once again. 'If you really want to know then sit.. I'm afraid my neck would fall off from staring up at you if you remain that way'I folded my arms. 'Your presence makes me down to earth uncomfortable.' 'What are you proposing? That I leave?''Yes. Please do.''Aren't you interested in what I've got to say?'I shook my head. 'Forget it. I don't want to listen to whatever you've got to say' I bawled.He adjusted his suit. 'You should be interested. A little piece of information can save your life'My chin jutted out stub
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Her regrets
~ Lauren ~The aura that welcomed me when I surfaced into his office was quite scary and unusual. Regardless, I set my bag on the table and settled on a seat.'You asked to see me. Is there a problem?' I asked since he's not talking to me first.'What do you think, Lauren? You think I'll remain calm after all I did?' he bawled, causing me to jump in my seat.I'm not able to grasp what he's really trying to say.'I don't understand you. What are you talking about?'He scowled, his eye balls bulging as they stare into mine.'i don't want to believe you've not heard about it'I shrugged my shoulders. 'Whatever this 'it' is, I sure haven't heard anything'.He shook his head scornfully, reached for a Newspaper on his table and threw it at me.My mind broke in to puzzles. He's never been like this towards me. What's with his change in behavior?'Are you going to read that or continue staring at me?'I got a grip on myself, transferred all of my attention on the papers he threw at me. The fi
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CHAPTER 10Days Later ~ Christian ~'Sir, the interview is today' I was reminded by one of the workers who took upon himself the responsibility of acting as my Personal Assistant for the past six days. He mentioned he'd stop once I find one for myself.I inclined my head affirmatively. 'When did you set the time to be?''It's starting by 2:00pm sir' he responded.I took a quick glance at my wrist watch and frowned.'It's two already'He smacked his lips. 'It skipped my miind to tell you before hand. I'm sorry sir'I wheezed out a breath.'I'll accompany you there' he offered.I adjusted my tuxedo and approached the room where the interview is to take place.I have decided to personally handle this interview so I can get a suitable working partner for myself. If someone was to choose for me. I might not be so satisfied.'How many people applied?' I asked as I settled on the chair. 'Four hundred sir but I picked out specific ones that are certified for the job, using their CV and expe
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